XLOCATE brings large audiences into focus, providing systems for the future of mass-market and corporate video distribution.

XLOCATE enables Digital Video Broadcast and “over the top” IPTV for large numbers of concurrent users, providing high-density, high-performance systems with the right transcoders for every delivery need.

XLOCATE provides complete solutions from scratch.  Hardware, software, system integration, operations management, and even streaming services for live events are all potential components of the XLOCATE delivery package.

  1. BulletViewCast

  2. Encoders and video library management software from ViewCast USA

  1. BulletVideo Streaming Appliances

  1. BulletViewCast Solutions Portfolio

  2. BulletIP-MV

  3. Multi-Viewer video monitoring system for DVB and IPTV

  4. BulletRGB Networks

  5. Systems for professional broadcasters